CRPG GOTY, 1998 vs 2015

I’m looking at the 27+ gb of install files for The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt sitting on my desktop, and it’s a bit intimidating.  I got it from GOG last week on sale for $25.  It’s been a while since I’ve bought from there.  My most recent purchases of modern/current games were all on Steam, where the size wasn’t so apparent.  It’s startling how much… more there is between W3 and BG, both equally lauded for everything from gameplay to visuals.  I wonder:  will it be easy to mod;  will I like the mechanics;  will the story be interesting and something I can get into.   I use “BG” to indicate the entire series, though I rarely need to discuss either expansion, as I find them quite superfluous and ostentatious — an all-star game instead of the playoffs.  BG’s humble installed size of about 6gb seems inadequate by comparison, but I know better.


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