does anyone understand summoning?

Think about what the 3rd rank spell Monster Summoning I, a staple of spellbooks since 1e, is capable of doing.

  • seeks out random creatures, usually of the types that would otherwise be enemies to the caster
  • teleports them to the caster’s location (no save)
  • enslaves them to the caster’s will (no save), including (and usually) fighting to the death

Break that down:  Depending on distance, the first one might be worth a 2nd rank spell.  The second is already a rank 6 spell, but has qualifiers, including a chance for destroying the caster.  That this version would be bringing multiple creatures from places unseen, this spell would be at least rank 7.  Finally, the last one is like Mass Charm, a rank 8 spell, but with no save, forcing it to 9.  Three spells of a combined rank value of 16, all in one 3rd rank spell!

The absurdity is obvious.


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